What You Can Do With Your Junk Car

Many people have cars in their garages or in their empty properties just laying around, gathering dust, and sometimes being an eyesore to the neighborhood. These are called junk cars.

Nobody uses it because it cannot be used nor fixed. The phrase “junk car” is used interchangeably with “salvage car” but there is a slight difference. Salvage cars are cars that are still generally fixable. It was just “salvaged” because the insurance company felt that it was too expensive to fix and it would much too uneconomical for them to do so. However, generally, the two phrases are used the same way, especially in advertisements.

A person that owns a junk car may ask, “how to sell your junk car?” Here is a quick guide on how to do it.

What To Do With Your Junk CarIf the car is to be sold as a car and not as scraps of metal, it is important that the title is in the owner’s name. Most businesses will choose to buy cars only if the person selling them the car, and the name of the person in the vehicle’s title is one and the same person.

Companies are very careful to keep their dealings safe from legal issues. So if the title is not in the name of the owner, the owner can simply ask the title owner to sign the title off to him and he can register the title with the Department of Motor Vehicles and they will issue him a new title to the vehicle.

It is also important to make a damage list. The list should include the dents, the systems that are faulty and those that do not work at all, the condition of the tires and the interior, and also the conditions it was put through (e.g. accident or flood or other natural calamity). This will give the buyer a good idea about what the fair market value of the car is. Of course, if the car is running, the buyer will buy it for a much higher price.

If it is practicable, the owner of the vehicle can try to repair it. This will give more value to the car, especially if he can get the car to run. If he drives the car to the junk or salvage yard, the yard will most likely give him a much higher price (about 10 times more) since they can see that the car is working.

Another important tip is to make sure that all options are exhausted. The owner of the junk car should contact many different salvage dealers around the area. Each junk or salvage yard will have its own pros and cons and it is important for the car owner to weigh all of them. This will also help the car owner to get the best deal possible for him. It might also be better to just check the dealers near the area where the car is already located, especially if it does not work, because some dealers may not be willing to tow a car that is far away.

The next time someone asks, “how to sell your junk car,” the simple answer is title, damage list, repair, sell and the result is cash.

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