Get Payed For Your Salvage Car

When a car takes part in an accident and it becomes a total wreck, or if it was exposed to flood or other natural calamities, what happens to the car? The insurance company will assess the damage.

If the repair costs are much higher than the market value of the car before the accident, then the insurance company will declare the car as a “total-loss claim.” Ordinarily, some dealers and auction holders buy these cars from the insurance companies at a low cost and then turn around and sell them to the public at a salvage auction. Often, these salvage cars are not so bad in shape that they are essentially scrap metal. The salvage car can still be fixed, and many car enthusiasts who enjoy rebuilding and collecting vintage cars buy their cars from salvage auctions.

What if the car is not covered by insurance? What happens to the salvage car then? The car owner can sell his salvage car to salvage yards, and even through the Internet. The salvage yard route allows the owner to be able to sell the car much faster. He just has to find salvage yards in the area, the telephone directory should have a complete list.

Salvage CarThe employees in the salvage yard will give him an initial price for the car given the details he gives about it so it’s best if the owner offers his car to several salvage yards to make sure he can find the best deal he can.

When the owner is ready to sell his salvage car to a particular salvage yard, he should first make sure that all his belongings and other things he might want to keep (e.g. stereo and speakers) are out of that car because once he has sold it to the salvage yard, he cannot claim any of the things in the car.

The owner then needs to bring the car to the car junk yard. It’s better to drive it there to show them that the car still works, and the salvage yard will be more willing to give him a higher price. If it does not work, some salvage yards offer towing services. The salvage yard will then check the car, and make a valuation again based on their evaluation. If the owner agrees to sell his salvage car at that price, then all he has to do is to sign over the title to the salvage yard, turn over the keys, and receive the cash.

It is interesting to note that there is quite a market for salvage cars. Many people who want to buy a good quality car without spending too much, and even collectors, opt to buy a salvage car because often, the insurance companies will declare a vehicle a total loss even if it is still very repairable. Finding a car with little damage in a salvage yard or in a salvage auction is a treasure, and if one spends a little time, effort and money, he may be able to make treasure out of someone else’s trash.

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