What is a junk car?
A junk car is that car sitting in the garage collecting dust. It is of no use to anyone because it does not work, and its owner has no intention of getting it fixed. Companies that buy junk cars intend to sell some of the useful parts and the rest as scrap to construction companies and other companies that use scrap metal.

What is a salvage car? Is there a difference between a salvage car and a junk car?
A salvage car is a car that is impractical to repair because its repair cost is much higher than the value of the vehicle itself. Companies that buy salvage cars intend to repair them or to use the parts that work. Although this is often used interchangeably with junk car, technically, a salvage car refers to a car that has a salvage title. A salvage title is given to a car which was part of an accident, claimed by the insurance company as a total loss, bought by a junk dealer, and bought again by a third person who intends to sell it again or to repair it. The title to the car will contain the word, “salvage,” to indicate that it went through this process.

What is a Title?
Also known as a pink slip, it is that piece of paper issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles certifying legal ownership over the vehicle. It states the year, make and model of the car, the first date it was sold, and the owner’s name and address. The Title to a car is very important because in order to sell it, the title must be signed over to the buyer, who then registers it with the Department of Motor Vehicles, which will issue a new Title to the new owner.

What if I don’t have a Title?
Often, the title is not necessary to junk the car. Most services will just ask for a license and registration. However, it is necessary if the car is to be sold as a car, and not as junk.

What if the title is not in my name?
If there was a sale, the title can be transferred by the person whose name is on the title to the person who wants to sell the junk car. Otherwise, the current titleholder just needs to sign off the title to the person who wants to sell it and also to give permission allowing him or her to sell the car.

What if I’ve lost the keys?
If there is no intention of repairing the car or it is to be sold in pieces, then having the key is not necessary.

What if I don’t have registration?
The State Motor Vehicle Department website should have all the information needed in case the car registration is lost.

The car was on the property I bought, can I sell that?
Not immediately. Even if it does not work, it is possible that the owner might come back to take it. The local police department most likely has a procedure that must be followed for abandoned vehicles before it can be sold by anybody.