Cash For Used Cars

Did you know that it is possible to get cash for used cars? If you have an old vehicle that has a relatively low resale value then it is worth considering selling it on to a salvage dealer or junk yard as they may be able to offer you a respectable amount of cash.

Even if a vehicle is not drivable this does not mean that all of its components would have no worth, there is every chance that the individual value of the scrap metal and other pieces can provide you with a decent amount of cash.

If this is an approach that answers your question on “how to get payed for your junk car?” then first of all you should compile a list of all the salvage yards within your region. This can easily be done by using an online directory. Next you should contact each of the businesses to discuss whether or not they would be able to take possession of your old vehicle.

It is worthwhile comparing the quotes given by a few different salvage yards, most would offer a basic price depending upon the value of scrap metal. The weight of your vehicle should be displayed on the engines chassis or in the owner’s manual. Knowing the overall weight would help you get a basic understanding of how much the vehicle can be worth in terms of raw material.

The actual state of the vehicle that is to be delivered will have a bearing on the amount of cash given. Certain scarp yards would request that tires, wheels, and a few other parts are disposed of prior to taking delivery though others would happily accept a complete vehicle but would charge a small fee for the safe disposal of unwanted and unusable components.

Cash For Used Cars

When you contact the salvage dealers in person, discuss whether or not you would need to deliver the vehicle or if they can pick it up. This will depend on such factors as your proximity to their location and whether or not the car is drivable. If you have to tow the vehicle to the scrap dealer then there would be an extra cost incurred. Also make sure you are familiar with local towing regulations as otherwise you may be hit with a ticket.

It is important to understand that the value of scrap metal can vary from week to week. The fluctuation is hard to predict but if you feel the price you are offered is very low it can be worthwhile waiting a month or two for the value to increase, though be warned it may also go down.

Scrap metal is often a very profitable business to be involved with. If you have friends or colleagues that need vehicles disposing of then you can make yourself an extra line of income by offering to buy them and then sell them on to salvage yards.

If possible choose a salvage yard that has a good reputation. It may be worthwhile checking out the thoughts and opinions of other vehicle owners before agreeing to have yours disposed off at a specific junk yard.

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