Environmental Impact Of Auto Salvage Dealers

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Auto salvage involves the removal and reuse of vehicular parts from cars, vans, and trucks that are in some way inoperable or unusable, and then the disposal of the remaining portions that have no worth. This practice is carried out by auto salvage dealers otherwise known as auto recyclers.

The process helps to reduce the disposal of otherwise useful materials and components and also helps to promote a better environment as less vehicle parts would need to be disposed of in landfill sites.

Today the automobile manufacturing industry is amongst the largest and most buoyant in existence. For the same reason it is also the leader when it comes to the generation of waste, over the past few decades this waste has become a serious burden, and more so as a greater number of people are choosing to replace their old vehicles with newer models.

Did you know that it is theoretically possible to salvage as much as seventy five percent of parts from an average motor vehicle?

This is a far higher number than on other mass produced commodities. More of us are being encouraged to give our old unwanted vehicles to auto salvage dealers so that the problem of waste can be mitigated to a certain degree.

Before any components can be reused, the vehicle must undergo three phases of environmentally safe auto salvage.

This typically involves such activities as draining all fluids and liquids from the various parts, including oil, coolant, and any fuel residue that may otherwise leak out and cause pollution to the local groundwater. The fuel tank, battery, and the tires are also removed at an early stage.

Environmental Impact Of Auto Salvage DealersIt is possible that any salvaged fluids can be reused in other vehicles or in some way recycled. The same can be done with the battery. Tires can often be retreaded and sold again or even burned for energy at special facilities. The fuel tank is most often sold as scrap metal.

An auto salvage dealer would evaluate all the parts on a scrapped vehicle to decide if any are worth reconditioning, repairing, and selling on. It is possible to purchase an entire rear end or front end of almost any model, also can offer body panels, bumpers, transmission systems, engine parts, wheels, electronics, seats, and more.

The Cost of Used Car Parts

Usually the cost of purchasing used parts from an auto salvage dealer would be much cheaper than if you were to buy them new. With the cost of motoring rising every year, making savings on replacements parts can be extremely important.

A salvage yard can also offer the opportunity to find replacement parts for older vehicles that may no longer be produced. It may take some looking around to find what you are after but it should be possible. The best approach would be to ring up as many scrap yards as possible.

Only after all the saleable components have been removed would the salvage dealer crush the frame of the vehicle and sell on the metallic portions while sending the rest to a landfill site.

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