About Us

This website contains everything that one needs to know about junk cars and how to sell them. A lot of people may have a car that is beyond repair, or a car that has been in the garage for much too long. Instead of just throwing it away as scrap, its owner can turn it into cash. Sell Junk Cars is the perfect website that can help any individual cash in his or her seemingly useless and scrappy car.

Essentially, this website works like a blog. It contains a series of articles about how to sell junk cars, where to sell them, the pros and cons of selling them in a junk yard or on the internet, what the going rate is for a particular car, how to make good deals, and it even presents selling options that are beneficial to the environment. Visitors are also welcome to comment on the articles and to share their experiences on the topic, to give feedback on how the article has helped them or not, to ask questions or even to give the article writers ideas on additional topics the website visitors would like to know more about. It even has that handy RSS feed that one can subscribe to in order to follow the comments on the articles.

The homepage contains basic information for those who are just beginning to explore the idea of selling a junk car. The “Tips For Selling A Junk Car” section has tips on how to make a good deal in selling your car. The articles are about maximizing the value of a car that can no longer be fixed, and how to make the most money out of junk. Some articles provide more details on the steps to sell a car, and more importantly, it gives the reader a lot of options. For example, it has articles on the benefits of restoring a car instead of selling it as junk, and it also has articles on selling the car in parts or buying parts in order to restore a car. Finally, this website will also contain videos from YouTube that relate to selling and restoring junk cars.

A lot of people have cars that have been sleeping in their garages for a very long time. Some have cars that have been in a big accident that rendered it impractical to repair. These people may not know what to do with their junk and the main goal of Sell Junk Cars is precisely to provide them with options. They can sell it as junk as a car or in pieces, restore the car, sell it in a junk yard, sell it online – there are so many things that they can do with their junk. Instead of letting it sit in their garage and allow it to collect dust and to take up space, it can become cash or even a car that is as good as brand new. This website shows them the multitude of options from which to choose from. It is like the a la carte menu for the “what to do with your junk car?” restaurant.