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There is a huge aftermarket for automotive parts, where you can sell junk cars at a good price. There are enough people who would be interested in buying your junk car, even if it does not run. The parts are then used by them on comparable models.

Junk Cars

The auto salvage lots are ready to pay you well for the junk car, because they make a lot of money by selling the parts to vehicle owners and repair shops at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

That is why it is easy to get cash for junk cars. If you deliver the car for them, you may get a better deal but this is not allways the case. It is more important to find a respectable auto salvage dealer, so that you can get a honest deal. When selling your junk car it is allso smart to look for a junkyard which specializes in your make of car.

There are also companies who handle all of this for you hassle free. They are interested in junk cars and they have their own fully licensed trucks for towing. They are only too ready to pick up your junk car as soon as you want. No hassles involved, the pick-up is easy and all that you have to do to get a quote is to fill out an online formĀ  to inform them about the present condition of your vehicle. To offer your this service we have partnered with the company that has been recognized as the premier junk and unwanted vehicle removal company in North America and Canada.

How to sell junk cars online – The fast and easy way:

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The junk car will be removed for free
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Preparation procedure tips on how to sell a car to a junkyard or a specialized junk car removal company.

  • You should remove all your personal belongings from the car.
  • When you deposit the car you have to present all the papers so have them ready.
  • You will usally immediately get cash for your junk car so have your wallet ready.
  • This is the easiest way to get rid of your junk car so enyoj it.

Tips to sell junk cars yourself – The long and hard way:

Plenty of car buyers come online and are looking for advertisements which sell used cars. If you want to sell your used car to them, the best thing for you to do is to advertise it in order to get potential buyers. But if you want to sell a wrecked car, you first need to get estimates from a car specialist in line of the cost to fix the wreckage. This cost will be subsequently deducted from the average price of a good car.

If you think your car can be useful for your friend, who runs an auto shop, just drop it at his place. You can also contact car dealers in your local area and they might be interested in buying it.